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How to Turn a Girl On – The Weird Tricks on How to Turn a Girl On!

Posted by Daniel on May 23, 2011

Secrets to How to Turn a Girl On Revealed!

Welcome to one of the BEST methods on how to turn a girl on.  The material that I present to you can literally change your life and take your level with girls to the next level.  If you’ve ever failed with women, can’t please women, can’t get girls and or simply want to know how to turn a girl on, then stayed tuned because the techniques that I’m going to reveal to you are EXTREMELY effective.

Now, aside from all the websites out there that’ll give you silly little tips and very common sense knowledge on how to turn a girl on, this one is different.  I won’t be giving you small tips like, “have good hygienes,” or “open the door for her,” or “take her to a nice restaurant,” etc, etc.  These tips, although they are good, ARE NOT the key essentials on how to turn a girl on.

I’m going to give you the CORE materials you need to attract girls like ants on a cake.  To really understand women and how to turn a girl on you need to understand the female PSYCHOLOGY.  How the mindset of a girl works.  What turns a girl on.  How to turn a girl on to be crazy horny and what triggers it.

See if you understand the triggers and the mindset behind how to turn a girl on, you can use it on ANY women you want at anytime, and any where you want.  It’s really that simple.  You need to understand the core psychology of women to really understand what attracts them.

But before I begin, I want you to know that all of the material that I’m going to present to you have been obtained from Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box.  This is like the bible on how to turn a girl on and it is something I personally use over and over again.  So make sure you watch this presentation on how to turn a girl on:

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How to Turn a Girl On

How to Turn a Girl On – Core Facts

First things first, you need to know that women LOVE sex.  Yup.  They are crazy for sex.  And they actually NEED sex.  They actually have more PLEASURE from sex then men do.

There are lots of research and studies done for this verification on how to turn a girl on, but you don’t really need to see all of the research data to realize that this is true.  Just watch when a girl has an orgasm.  She just goes CRAZY!  She just simply loses control because she is in an ecstasy of pleasure.  It’s pretty easy to learn how to turn a girl on if you know the core stuff.

Anyways, in order to know how to turn a girl on, you need to understand that there are different types of girls.  There are different types of people, in fact.  Just like not everyone wants the same things, girls don’t want the same things either, nor are they turned on by the same things as the girl next to her.  For example, I love BMW’s, but not everyone likes BMWs.  In fact, there can be people that HATE BMWs.

So we need to distinguish the different types of girls.  You can do this by identifying the 3 conflicts of the female mind.  And almost all women have these conflicts.

How to Turn a Girl On – Three “CONFLICTS” of the female mind

How to Turn a Girl On – Time Conflict:

Girls are genetically programmed to mate with a dominant male of a group.  What I mean by dominate, is not the leader of the group, but a guy that can give the most to her.  It can be his high status, the ability to appreciate, career, being able to provide and take care of her and her family, etc.

So she can be constantly dating guys and screening them to find the best one.  There is, however, a pressure from the outside world to find this “dominant” guy and to date/marry/be with etc.  This pressure exists, because a women is looked down on if she stays single for a long time.  Not only that but women want to feel appreciated, and a getting appreciated from the opposite sex can have more emotional affect than getting appreciation from a lady friend.  We can leverage this on how to turn a girl on.

This pressure and conflict of “time” can be seen in older women becoming “cougars.”  They suddenly become more aggressive in their dating and are highly active in sex while at an older age.  This is because they feel like their time is running out.

So basically, the conflict here is either dating multiple guys and finding the best one, or just go with the first guy that she has some interest for.

How to Turn a Girl On – Sex Conflict:

She wants sex for the pleasure and emotional bond, but critique and judgment from her peers can pressure her not to have sex.  Also, she may have had a serious trauma in her past, her childhood that has anchored bad vibes every time someone tries to have sex with her.

An example of this can be a girl that is extremely attached and turned on by you.  She’ll kiss you, touch you, flirt, and just enjoy yourself in your presence.  But when you start to have actual sex, BOOM, huge turn off or she gets a huge resistance to having sex.

This can be because of trauma or critique of her peers.  Because when women have a lot of sex and people are aware of these, they get labels like, “slut,” “whore,” or other names which are very bad.  But when men have sex they get compliment labels such as: “player,” “pimp,” or other statuses, which are generally good.

And because of this pressure, the conflict here is she can either deny her sexual activities, or she can brush them off as if “sex” isn’t a big deal.  So the sex conflict is something we guys need to be aware of in order to learn how to turn a girl on.

How to Turn a Girl On – Relationship Conflict:

It is developed in her genes to provide and support her family and child.  This can be seen when women take a break from their work when they bear a child in order to focus on nurturing the child and family.  But the conflict comes in when society pressures her to achieve status.

She wants to achieve goals, climb in the ranks of her profession/career, receive knowledge and education and acquire skills that she has always wanted to have.  So the conflict here is to support family or achieve status.

And within the past few minutes, you probably have learned more information on the psychology of the female mind than someone with a Graduate degree in psychology.  Aren’t you glad you stuck around? =)  How to turn a girl on is a rather detailed topic.

how to turn a girl on secrets

How to Turn a Girl On – Putting it all Together & Recommendations

Now that you are aware of the three conflicts of women, you need to develop a strategy on how to turn a girl on by distinguishing their personality TYPES according to their conflicts.

For virtually everyone women, ONE side of a conflict is going to dominate the other.  And since all women have three different conflicts with only two outcomes of each conflict, by doing the math, we will have 8 different outcomes.  8 different ways on how to turn a girl on.

Now these are the basic 8 different types of personality for women, and you need to implement a different strategy for all eight types in order to probably learn how to turn a girl on.

For example, say a girl likes to date multiple men, denies having sex, and would like to stay home to provide for her kids.  Now, that we have identified her conflicts, we combine them and get a personality type.  In this instance, we have a “Playette” personality type.

Now we develop a strategy on how to turn a girl on by using the techniques that are found in Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box.  We use the SPECIFIC strategy for this specific personality type.  If we tried to use this strategy on a different type it would not work.  Therefore, we can turn this girl on, by talking to her in a certain way, turn her on by touching her in certain places, etc.

Make sure you use the “touch” strategy in Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box to make a girl EXTREMELY horny.  She’ll get WILD in bed with you.  If you haven’t downloaded Pandora’s Box, make sure you do, because I can say that I use these techniques EVERYTIME I want to turn on a girl and it has worked almost all the time so far.  Well, I want to thank you for taking the time to read through my material on how to turn a girl on, and to download the course make sure to visit here:

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How to Turn a Girl On – Basics

Posted by Daniel on May 20, 2011

How to Turn a Girl On – Basic Information

Hi, my name is Daniel and welcome to my how to turn a girl on website.  I made this website in order to provide to some guys, tips on how to turn a girl on.

Don’t you find it easier to turn a girl off than it is on how to turn a girl on?  Well, for that reason, I’m going to give you some easy, simple things you can do to improve your game.

how to turn a girl on

First, you need to understand that what turns guys on is different than what turns girls on (kinda obvious).  For us guys, the hotness (face, body, etc) of a girl will definitely unleash the beast out of us, but for girls, you need a lot more than looks in order to turn on a girl.  In fact, looks isn’t even one of the most important things on how to turn a girl on.  For girls, you can do everything right, which will EXTREMELY turn her on, but make ONE wrong move and BAM, back to square one.  Her hormones can dry up instantly.

In order to help you understand this concept more thoroughly and how to turn a girl on, I am going to explain some scientific differences of men and women.  Why am I doing this?  Because in order to know how to turn a girl on, you need to understand a woman’s mindset; her psychology.

Because that’s all it is.  Hormones, horniness, how to turn a girl on/off are all triggers of the brain.  And once you know what triggers a girl to get turned on, you can use it on any girl you want at anytime, anywhere.

How to Turn a Girl On – Female Psychology

So, understand that the mindset and psychology of a girl is different than that from a guy.  In fact, when you look at a brain, it has two hemispheres; a right and a left.  In the middle of the brain that connects those two hemispheres is something called a membrane.  Not only does the membrane, simply just connect the two sides, it also plays an important role, in human activity/feelings.  This is important in how to turn a girl on.

And in general, women have a membrane that is much thicker than a man’s membrane. And so the left hemisphere and right hemisphere are more connected and knowing this is essential in how to turn a girl on.  Without, going into geeky, scientific terms, men will usually use one side of the hemisphere when doing a certain task, and women will tend to use both sides.

This is why most often men will be seen as “logical” and women will be seen as “emotional.”  The usage of both sides of the brain will cause “emotions” and more connections in women than in men.

Also, it is very likely, that because of the mindset of women, they will depend a lot more on connections (friends, significant other, family, etc) than men do.  While men rely on their status, such as getting a good job, earning something, getting first place, being the best etc, women rely on the amount of connections they have and the quality of those connections as well.  Easily learn how to turn a girl on with this info.

This is why women will generally relate to their girlfriends, more than their guy friends.  And now you can leverage this and learn how to trigger a girls sex hormones in order to learn how to turn a girl on.

How to turn on a girl by using all of this information?  Simple, understand that women want and need sympathy.  By being able to understand and relate to women, you will NATURALLY turn her on.  You can actually put yourself in a girls shoes and feel what she is feeling.

Not only that, but girls are attracted to guys that fulfill her and make her feel “complete.”  And a way that women feel fulfilled, is being appreciated.  Learn how to turn a girl on by giving her sincere compliments.  Not fake compliments, like “you have pretty eyes.”  But compliment her on her character, her personality, or how you feel very connected with her.  She will be head over heels for you and that is a KEY in how to turn a girl on.

Even if it’s a very simple and basic compliment, it can make her day because that’s all she needs to feel appreciated.  And that’s a reason why many women will cheat on their husbands/boyfriends because even though, they give them everything and beyond, they simply don’t make her feel appreciated.  And she NEEDS this in order to stay fulfilled.

So it doesn’t matter how your looks, how much money you have, how tall you are, but in order to turn a girl on, you need CHARACTER and part of that is appreciating her.

How to Turn a Girl On – The REAL Secrets

Now, in my next post, I will be talking about more on the fundamentals on how to turn a girl on.  However, if you want to go straight ahead to the GOOD stuff then make sure you check out a unique program called Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box.  All the information that has been provided to you has come from this program.  The materials in the program are ESSENTIAL for turning women on and it’s scary how EFFECTIVE it is.  So if you are serious about learning how to turn a girl on make sure to visit:

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